Roofing Accessories

Roofing accessories are extremely helpful things for roofing that you normally wouldn’t think about. Here are my top 6 must-have accessories for roofing.

Multi-Purpose Hand Towels

Tub O Towels Heavy-Duty Wipes (Click to see the price on Amazon).

If you’re like me, at the end of good day’s worth of hard work your hands are covered in black dirt and tar.

Tar can be hard to wash off your hands, I used to scrub my hands raw trying to clean all the dirt and tar off. That was until I found out about tar removing hand wipes.

Hand wipes are fantastic because the tar and dirt come off easily without heavy scrubbing. They save me clean up time and leave my hands looking dirt and tar free.

There are several different brands out there, I used to use the Tamko Multi-Purpose Hand Towels but since then, I haven’t been able to find them again.

The brand that I would recommend is the Tub O Towels Heavy-Duty wipes (link to Amazon).

Tar Cleaner For Cement & Stucco

After a shingle tear-off, it is easy for shingles to leave tar marks and scratches on stucco, vinyl fences, and cement driveways.

I found that the best way to remove these tar marks and make the house and property look good again is to use Goo Gone.

You can check out the price for Goo Gone here on Amazon.

Nail Stripper

For those roofers who like hand nailing this Nail Stripper made by AJC is a great way to help improve your shingle speed.

Some of the fastest shinglers I have seen use a nail stripper.

The nail stripper helps by making all the nails face the same direction so you don’t have to fiddle with nails in your hand.

Foam Pad

Now you may be thinking “What a foam pad?” and to that, I answer Yes! a foam pad. Heres why:

Foam pads help give you traction on the roof. They cling to asphalt shingles giving you more traction than your rubber shoes. If you have ever seen the cougar paw roofing shoes (link to Amazon), then you will now understand where the original idea for those shoes came from.

Another benefit of foam pads is that they give you additional comfort when kneeling or sitting down on the hard surface of the roof.

What you can do is purchase a foam pad like this one on Amazon and then cut it up into sections of your preferred size. We usually cut them up into 3rds. Then you have a seat and extra grip when you’re on the roof.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music players are great for jamming out to your favorite tunes with your co-workers, listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

There are two types of speakers I would recommend. The first one is made by Anker and is great if you want to share the music with all your co-workers.

Click here to see the price of the Anker Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon

The second one is great if you don’t want to use headphones but also don’t want the whole roof to hear your music. This is a durable speaker made by JBL that can clip perfectly onto your tool belt.

Click here to see the price of the JBL Clip on Amazon


Tweezers are one of those things that you don’t think about when it comes to roofing until you get a splinter.

Whether it be fiberglass, wood, or a shingle splinter it all hurts the same. Tweezers (link to Amazon 3-pack) are great for removing any splinters that you may get while on the job. Duct tape is also a great trick to removing tiny fiberglass slivers.